Brad Turner X Owlet

Brad Turner X Cara Sanders

Back To Earth Collection

This one-of-a-kind collection is all about cultivating a connection between the land, it’s culture and it's people!

The art is a raw expression of their experiences through an indigenous and non-indigenous lens. Exploring the rushing river beds, the colossal coastlines, the remote desert, and all the moving parts that make up the wonder of Australia.

Beyond a collaboration, this is a one of a kind reconciliation, a chance to reunite difference, to get back to earth and energise the powerful spirit of our ancestors.

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The Mackay Water Tower Project

Mentorship in Mackay with Mural Artist Scott Nagy in 2019, supported by the Slade Point Neighbourhood Group.

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Water Tower Mural with Scott Nagy
Physical Meets Digital Project Owlet Art

NFT Project

Physical Meets Digital

The collection highlights the possibilities for physical and digital art to co-exist, while creating real value for collectors and providing additional experiences that could not have been done before smart contract [NFT] technology.

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