Cara Sanders also known as Owlet, is a self- taught artist and muralist based in Gold Coast, Australia where she works as a resident artist at Mint Art House.

Having grown up in rural Kimberley, Owlet’s practice is inspired by a powerful connection to the natural world and a great curiosity for life, spending her younger years covered in red dirt whilst glaring up at the North-West sun. Her sonorous connection with the land is vivifying and this translates directly through to her art. Today she is living in paradise being Coolangatta, but don’t be fooled, the deep red soil still runs through her veins.

When Cara isn’t creating in her studio, you’ll find her exploring new spots all over this beautiful country - from Western Australia to Tasmania. Having spent months on the road at a time, a lot of her work is a reflection of these travels, a physical storytelling of her experiences. Finding inspiration from the smallest of moments to those life changing instances she renders these pockets of time into artwork that lasts for decades to come.

Whether hanging in a gallery, manifesting in her studio or being a 20 metre high mural, each piece has its own identity, its own natural narrative.

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